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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
-Lao Tzu

  • 1996-2002

    The Study of Computer Science

    Beginning in August of 1996 until the May of 2002, James studied Computer Science at Kent State University Stark Campus and at Kent Campus. Specific interests included computer forensics and data security. During this time period, James worked retail at a local Circuit City

  • 2002-2003

    The Circuit City Era

    Upon graduation, James was offered a position at the corporate headquarters of Circuit City in Richmond, VA. Mr. Raber's responsibilities included the technical support of all 675 stores and the user testing of a new point of sales system.

  • 2003

    Back to Kent

    Due to a wish to return home, Mr. Raber returned back to Northeast, Ohio after securing a position at Kent State University. The primary responsibility of this position included the technical support of various synchronous distance learning technologies in use by the University.

  • Fall 2007

    Graduate work begins

    In Fall of 2007, James was admitted to the College of Education, Health, and Human Services to study the field of Instructional Technology.

  • 2009


    Due to Kent State's need for a video publishing tool and as part of Mr. Raber's coursework, James conceptualized, developed, and launched the video sharing platform, KSUtube. To date, KSUtube is still the primary video publishing platform on University wide, housing over 40,000 videos.

  • December 2009

    James Graduates

    In December of 2009, James completed his Masters level coursework and graduated from the Instructional Technology program.

  • 2009


    Following graduation and the successful launch of KSUtube, Mr. Raber was promoted to the Lead IT Support person in the Multimedia group of Information Services. Responsibilities included the development of web applications and management of the Educational Technology servers.

  • Spring, 2011

    Back to School!

    In Spring of 2011, James decided to dig deeper into the Instructional Technology field. He applied for and was accepted into the PhD program of Instructional Technology at Kent State University.

  • 2012

    Promotion, Again!

    As the needs of the Educational Technology group shifted, Mr. Raber was promoted to Manager of the Academic Federated Services group. This group is charged with the technological support of faculty and staff on campus.

  • Fall, 2014

    Teaching Opportunity

    In Fall of 2014, Mr. Raber was provided an opportunity to co-teach a course on Web Development for the School of Digital Sciences and College of Communication and Information. This course was a capstone level course for digital sciences students.

  • Spring, 2015

    More Growth

    In February of 2015, James was promoted to Team Leader, Information Services. This position is charged with the management of the University's Help Desk as well as the management of the Tech Spot and Tech at Night programs. Additionally, this position manages the relationship between Information Services and the Regional Campuses.

  • Spring, 2015

    Coursework complete.

    In the Spring of 2015, Mr. Raber completed his final course in the PhD program in Instructional Technology.

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