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Welcome to the (Mis)Communication and Dialogue Interaction Lab (MADI Lab) webpage. We are located in the Speech & Hearing Clinic at Kent State University (Center for Performing Arts Bldg, a.k.a -- Music & Speech). In the MADI lab, undergraduate and graduate students work with Jenny Roche, Ph.D. on research topics related to how people (primarily college aged students) communicate and miscommunicate. We study communication and how communication breakdown is resolved. To do this, we focus on things like perspective taking (i.e., do you see the world as I do?), tone of voice (e.g., are you getting an attitude with me?), behavioral alignment (e.g., are you acting like me?), word choice (e.g., is your right my right? -- wait, what does right mean?), and how social context shapes communication (e.g., would you talk to your grandma, like you talk to your best friend?) -- and when it fails.

If you are an undergraduate interested in research, fill out the online application.Or you may contact us directly at

MADIlab Setup
MADI LAB: PI - Jenny Roche 2015