Principal Investigator

Jenny Roche’s reseach interests include communication in a social context. She is especially interested in the cognitive mechanisms that drive communication (successful and unsuccessful). She views communication as being richly linguistic, psycholingustic, and social, which dynamically interact with and influence adaptation to complex and novel conversational situations. Much of her reseach has focused on acoustic aspects of affective speech, perspective taking, and psycholinguistic cues to miscommunicaiton. She has an expertise in acoustics of affective speech production and social pragmatics. To contact Jenny, please visit her website:

Graduate Researchers

Current: The MADI Lab currently has three graduate student researchers working on independent projects and theses.


Zach Haine’s is a Master’s student in speech-language pathology with research interest in humor and pragmatics.  


Gino 2

Gino Cioffi’s research interests focus on bio stats, with an interest in Big Data. 

Ashley Ferguson’s research interests focus on social perceptions of person’s who stutter. Thesis: “Social Perceptions of Speech Disfluencies.” 


Christine Suh

Christine Suh’s research interests focus on how cultural competence impcats communicative effort. Thesis: "Cultural Miscommunication in L1 vs L2: How do listeners respond?"

Lindsay Vale’s research interests focus on the impact of socio-pragmatic cues has on communication. Independent Study: "Intonational Punctuation in Natural Text-Based Communication." 

Undergraduate Researchers. The MADI lab has a number of amazing undergraduate students that contribute to the functioning of data collection. Madison Knodell, Mitchell McLean, Gina Imani are some of the amazing undergraduate students that work on independent research and present at conferences. 

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