Short Internet Videos

Graduate students in speech-language pathology have been asked to create short tutorials/vidoes. These tutorials may come in the form of original research (e.g., Master’s Theses) or about topics we learn in Normal Language Processes (SPA 64500). The purpose of these videos are to communicate the concepts learned to a broader community. The videos posted each year were voted as the best videos from the class. 

Spring 2021

Humorous Judgments of Incongruity in Short Internet Videos

By: Zachary Haines (Master’s Thesis)

Fall 2018

Speech Production & Comprehension Error - By: Micayla Benyi, Theresa Nemergut, Hannah Sherley

Word & Sentence Prediction - By: Kayla Bittner, Sarah Robbins, & Lauren Streb

Sarcasm & You - By: Gabriela Canamucio, Martina Drugovich, & Emily Newman

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