Dr. Sebastian Anthony Birch



Music Computer Lab
Lab Hours
Monday-Thursday: 8 am to7.30 PM
Friday: 8 am to 5 PM


LAB Rules:


       The internet had been deactivated You can only surf on kent.edu sites

       You must therefore use Flashline to turn in your Sibelius assignments

       The Lab is intended ONLY for school related work with Sibelius and Cubase

       No Food or drink in the Lab

       Use earphones at all times

       The Lab is not the music lounge, refrain from conversations

       If you do not follow the rules you will be asked to leave


You can use the following labs to work on www.Teoria.com 

       East Wing computer lab (MH E101), ext. 53490

       Fine Arts Computer Lab (FA 034A), ext. 53365

       Lower Level Library Computer Lab (Lib 001), ext. 53335

If the lab is closed ask a music faculty or the secretary to open the door.


  • DO NOT SAVE FILES YOU INTEND TO KEEP ANYWHERE ON THE COMPUTER as they are erased every time the computer is started.

  • Save you work often to either a flash drive or the network drive

Email: sbirch@kent.edu