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Happy Summer all!! Take a look around at the finished project and stay tuned for new pages!


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My name is Jen Ruper. I'm a geography student at Kent State University, and this is my personal webpage. While you're here, you might as well take some time and explore!

Keep reading further, I've explained the various ways you can navigate this site! I hope you enjoy!


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Project Main: This is the main page of the semester project for the class.

Map Mash-ups: Explore the different parks and recreation in Utah!

Animated Maps: Description coming soon!

3D Visuals: Check out a couple Utah digital elevation models (DEMs).

Sketch Up: Explore a 3D model of my childhood home!

About Me: Read some more information about me!

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Home: Brings you back to this main page.

My State: Learn some basic facts about my project state: Utah!

KSU Main: This takes you to Kent State's Homepage.

My Lab Blog: Read my weekly blogs of the triumph and struggles during the labs.

Other Projects: View other of my works either in progress or finished.

Contact: Listed here are different ways to contact me.